Store Locator Plus®

In 2011 Cyber Sprocket Labs was in the midst of porting a website for Tommy Hilfiger from a proprietary platform to WordPress.   One of the pieces of technology on the prior site was their store locator platform.  During the porting process I took on some of the responsibilities of crafting the locator plugin in WordPress.

More than a decade later I am still coding that plugin.   It has grown into a successful business that continues to serve over 10,000 WordPress sites and hundreds of sites running online presence services like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, and more.  The Store Locator Plus® platform includes  a half-dozen plugins that contain over 50,000 lines of PHP code including a custom SaaS platform written in PHP and JavaScript.

The code is fully documented with phpDoc style comments.   All code written in the past 18 months adheres, as closely as possible, to the WordPress PHP Coding Standards.

bitbucket 64x64

You can find the source code for the main Store Locator Plus® plugin on Bitbucket.