Somewhere along the way I stumbled upon becoming as much a business person and project manager as a technology geek.   I think it happened in the midst of the ProActive Web Marketing (no not the SEO people that stole the name a decade later) projects hyper-accelerating at the start of the eCommerce boom and the need to keep up with the explosive growth to The Lobster Net.

Current Projects

I am currently engaged in a fractional CTO role for PFP Logistics, LLC, a Charleston based staffing company. They are launching their first custom application to manage key business operations. I have been building the architecture, assisting in modifying business processes, and hiring a tech team to develop this application to launch by Q3 2023.

A custom development project was recently delivered for Küat to support their direct sales dealer commissions program. This was a new endeavor learning the Netsuite MRP and will lead to some new Netsuite integrations in my SaaS business for Store Locator Plus®. A contract extension will keep me engaged for most of Q1 2023.

When time allows, I am still updating, maintaining, documenting, and supporting Store Locator Plus® including the WordPress plugin stack and MySLP software-as-a-service stack.  I allocate time to work with local businesses that need some tech help including a forthcoming site overhaul for my friends at Charleston Beach Volleyball & Social Club where I’ll once again update their WordPress site giving it a fresh skin.  


I started my career as a QA assistant and later a computer operator at companies that included Raster Technologies, Massachusetts Computer Corporation, and Cognos.  I learned many aspects of the computer industry.   It wasn’t long before I landed my first software gig by starting in technical support.

I spent nearly a decade working as Recital Corporation in the 80s and early 90s.  The technical support role taught me about training, support, and documentation as well as how to teach technical classes.   It wasn’t long before I was promoted to software engineer and eventually Senior Software Engineer where I worked on the core database technology.

While in my early twenties I left  my role as a Senior Software Engineer at Recital Corporation to start my first Internet company at a time when the Internet was just starting to launch its first eCommerce brands.   That company, ProActive Web Marketing, lasted nearly a decade with several spin-offs including the two-time Time Magazine Award Winner The Lobster Net. At the start of the next millennium fate handed me my first set-back as an entrepreneur.

A year later I regrouped and launched another startup, Charleston Software Associates.  CSA was a solo business where I was a private contractor for small businesses looking for a coder.    Within a year client demands exceeded capacity; I joined forces with another local developer — Craig Coffman.

We formed Cyber Sprocket Labs.   7 years later I found myself managing people and contracts, not writing a line of code, and missing my son growing up.   I shut down the company and went on hiatus until my hobby turned into another business that I ran under the re-kindles Charleston Software Associates brand –  Store Locator Plus®.

Today I continue to run the Store Locator Plus® project while providing executive technical consulting services via Charleston Software Associates via my personal brand. The focus for most contracts is fractional CTO services.