What I Do

Collaborate with a team of developers, designers and product owners to build end-to-end solutions in multiple languages

I frequently work with clients to build solutions to match their business needs to incorporate advanced features of my software into their current web application stack.    As the founder of Cyber Sprocket Labs I managed and coordinated a team of 20 developers and understanding all the technologies across dozens of client projects was paramount.

Develop and implement these solutions leveraging Angular/HTML/CSS, Node, Python and PostgreSQL

HTML, CSS (Sass/SCSS), and Node are part of the weekly routine.   Python including extensive applications build on Django was one of many projects delivered while leading Cyber Sprocket Labs.   MySQL is the current DB in use as it is the WordPress engine of choice.  While not current knowledge I spent well over a decade dedicated to PostgreSQL development and was the original author the PostgreSQL Handler for Perl (pgSQL) that was ported to dozens of programming languages.

Scope projects, create estimates and track progress using JIRA and agile/lean startup methodologies

Scoping projects with estimates and full project management tracking was routine for over a decade at Cyber Sprocket where I set Agile with a 2-week heartbeat as our project standard.   Serving as interim CTO or lead technical advisor for multiple startups over the past 8 years meant delivery full project scopes with budgets and timelines — including a $3M raise for a local software company.   Familiar with JIRA but use other management tools, Trello recently and now Asana.   Work extensively with BitBucket but avoid the complexities of JIRA.

Help your team solve problems in a high-quality way that fulfills functional requirements, performs well, and is easy to use

Having developed a full-featured WordPress plugin and a follow-on SaaS product for general users and advanced technical users is a great example of problem-solving and ability to delivery a quality easy-to-use product.

Participate in development planning, code reviews, software demonstrations, build maintenance and automated deployments

Starting as a Senior Software Engineer over 20 years ago through my current endeavor delivering software services and products has covered development lifecycle planning, code testing, and deployment strategies.   Well versed in 3-tier , Live|Staging|Development, deployments as well as unit and regression testing.