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Charleston Software Associates, LLC (CSA) was rebooted in 2012 after closing down Cyber Sprocket Labs.    CSA became my personal outlet for managing and selling WordPress plugins.    In the early months the company offered a number of plugins and add-on packs including a variety of affiliate-marketing plugins under the MoneyPress brand.   The “shining star”, however was Store Locator Plus.

Store Locator Plus started as a basic “enter your zip code, get a map of locations” plugin.    Feedback from the customer base resulted in hundreds of new features and upgrades over the first 12 months of development.   The feature list and resulting code base grew so quickly that the product was split into a number of premium add-on packs.    The move was not made to generate revenue, though that was a welcome side-effect, it was to limit the amount of resources consumed by the plugin on a live WordPress site.   As luck would have it, these premium add-on packs turned out to be a fairly lucrative business model.

Within a year of starting the freemium plugin model, Store Locator Plus became the sole focus of the company.    Today the plugin is installed on over 12,000 websites in 128 countries.    There are a dozen premium add-on  packs that have been sold to over 4,000 customers.

2012 – Present