Life Balance

What do I do besides code?

Family and Fun — I enjoy playing beach volleyball and serve on the board for Charleston Beach Volleyball and Social Club. When not on the volleyball court you can catch me playing disc golf, mountain biking, or learning to play guitar.    Time spent with my son is another favorite past-time.   I’ve led several Boy Scouts meetings teaching sportsmanship and assisting with keeping things organized during camping trips.

Community — Last spring you could catch me at SyntaxCon speaking about building a SaaS application using WordPress as an application foundation.  Over the past couple of years I have been a guest teacher for College of Charleston’s music program. I’ve been interviewed by Mark Bryan for In The Mix at  where I shared my expertise in streaming technology and digital licensing.  Over the past couple of years I have taught several classes on how to build a pitch deck for a local startup incubator.  I have also contributed financially to various technology-related community programs both personally and through my businesses including multiple WordCamp, BarCamp, and similar events throughout the Southeast.

Adventure — What kind of adventure?  How about meeting the Prime Minister of the Bahamas and his family at their home; and Sean Connery shortly afterwards.   Appearing in a Microsoft infomercial and appearing in their ad campaigns.   Having my first startup company appear two years in a row in Time as well as appearing in Entrepreneur, Smart Money and on Good Morning America .   Being on Animal Court with Judge Wapner — yes I have a VHS copy, no you cannot see it.   Being cited by the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal as an expert in cyber crime and affiliate marketing.  Writing a children’s picture book purchased by people I don’t know.