As a life-long technologist, dabbling in different technologies is a constant. My passion is software and anything related to computers which is reflected in my strengths throughout the past several decades. I have been writing code since the early 80s.   I started on a Commodore 64 by coding games in BASIC using a tape-loader and built-in sprite libraries.   I moved on to a Digital Rainbow writing business applications in BASIC before learning spreadsheet rules in the predecessor to VisiCalc.   I eventually moved on to higher-level languages on a PDP 11-34 in high school and obtained a degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at University of Massachusetts in the early 90s.   During my life-long interest in coding I have learned dozens of languages and have spawned several businesses based on my coding expertise.

Current Incarnation

Coding in PHP and JavaScript primarily for web apps.   Playing with CSS, mostly making bad design decisions, and the elements that go with it like Sass and SCSS.  A mix of JavaScript libraries and JavaScript+CSS frameworks like jQuery, Foundation, Vue + Vuetify are in the daily routine.   Node, Grunt, and routine use of git are on the weekly agenda.

The “tool belt” includes my favorite PHP and JavaScript IDE, phpStorm, the git visual interface Sourcetree by the makers of Bitbucket, and plenty of virtual machines running on Virtualbox and managed by Varying Vagrant Vagrants (VVV) all stacked on top of a MacBook Pro Retina for near-100% uptime and maximum productivity.

The Store Locator Plus business runs on the AWS cloud under RDS, EC2, Cloudwatch, and S3.   Linux system administration on Red Hat and Debian flavors including Ubuntu and Amazon Linux are part of the current curriculum.

Current Expertise

Coding Environment