What (Not) To Do If Your Phone Got Wet

From USA Today – https://apple.news/AB301Z-2KScauDPud4WogmQ

First things first. Do NOT turn on the phone to check it. Water plus electricity inside the case will try the phone at the speed of light, or electricity actually which is pretty darn clos to instantaneous.

A common practice these days is to stick your recently-bathed phone in a bag of dry rice. It is a myth that won’t seem to let go. Air drying indoors on your kitchen counter is just as effective and won’t introduce dust.

To prevent corrosion, which starts immediately and can kill a phone in as little as 24 hours, you must dry the phone quickly and thoroughly. Gentle dry heat is the best option. That means getting the phone to a shop that has the right equipment. Sure a hair dryer might work, but a touch too much heat and the phone dies from the heat instead of the water.

Bottom line: bring your phone to a repair shop and spend a few dollars to get it dried properly. It will be far cheaper than buying a new phone.

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