Amazon Search Tricks

Here are some tricks I use at Amazon when searching for products. I just realized today that many people don’t know these “hacker” options.

Search For NOT That

To search for all backpacks that are NOT 16″ or 12″ sizes enter this in the product search box:
backpack -16 -19

The minus directly before a word means “NOT this”.

Search For This OR That

To search for all backpacks that are either jumbo or 19″ enter this:
backpack jumbo|19

The vertical bar, or “pipe” in terms Mr. Robot would use, means “OR”.


A non-search trick, to donate to charity without costing you anything extra start by using this URL any time you are going to buy from Amazon:

I’ve attached my account’s smile access to my son’s school.  Every time I buy something Amazon sets aside some money and sends it to them every quarter.   It adds up quickly!

Get Prime

If you place more than 12 orders per year from Amazon, get Prime.   The average shipping will pay for the fees PLUS you get TONS of extras that make this even more valuable.    If I didn’t place 12 orders per year, which I do I’d still consider it as I no longer need my Netflix account that was costing $10/month or my Spotify account at $10/month.

Prime Videos has most of what Netflix has and is supported by nearly all the same devices.   Netflix is good, but it doesn’t give you free shipping AND free music.

Prime Music is MUCH better than it used to be and the new Prime Stations easily compete with most music services today.

I’ve been a Prime member and fan-boy for nearly a decade now.  Love it; if you can’t tell.


One thought on “Amazon Search Tricks

  1. The NOT operator didn’t work in the general search box when I tried today (May 4, 2020). In fact, it hasn’t worked for a LOOOONG time, but I tried it using the advanced search, and for some reason, it DOES work there!

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