Switch from Windows to Linux

Linux is also easier to work with when setting up WordPress development through VVV — especially on older laptops. www.slashgear.com/reasons-to-abandon-windows-for-linux-06572307/

Install A Name.com SSL Cert On Amazon Linux

Get Your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) From Amazon Linux: cd /etc/ssl openssl req -new -key vim <domain>.<tld>.key -out <domain>.<tld>.csr Buy Your Certificate From Name.com purchase a cert for either a wildcard or single-host fully-qualified domain name.  It must… Read More

Some Linux User and SSH Tips and Tricks

User Management SSH Login With Keys From Your Computer Make sure you have created a private/public key pair.  There are tons of articles online about how to use openSSH (for real operating systems) or some convoluted third-party app… Read More

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