Our Map Creator Recommendations

Looking for a low-cost easy-to-use map creator for your website or mobile app? Here is our map creator recommendation for any tech stack that handles JavaScript:

Store Locator Plus® is an online service that includes both a native WordPress plugin as well as as SaaS-based map creator that is deployed with JavaScript embed codes. The use of the embed codes make it easy to place the map on Squarespace, Weebly, Wix, and WordPress sites. We’ve also seen clients deploy the map services on mobile apps and custom-coded sites built with PHP, Node.JS, and Python.

The SLP Dashboard

The Store Locator Plus® SaaS dashboard provides a myriad of options making it our map creator recommendation this year. You can easily change how the map creator functions or how it looks. Most settings are simple checkboxes or text entries. No matter what level of service you select and how many options you use, the deployment remains a simple standard JavaScript embed code.

Levels Of Service

The SaaS service includes three levels of service. While most users can get by with the Advanced service. Those that want more customization features or higher map view limits will want to explore the Professional or Enterprise level of service.

Store Locator Plus® Advanced

The Advanced level of service starts at $5/month and includes support for up to 125 locations and map views. You can select from a dozen-or-more preset map styles and presentations with this level of service.

Store Locator Plus® Professional

The Professional level boosts the levels to 5,000 locations and 5,000 map views. It also adds location import/export features, location categorization, and more. It also provides the tools for full customization of the HTML DOM structure and CSS that is being sent to the JavaScript embedded maps. It also includes the options to enable or disable various filters on the end-user map interface to choose locations by categories or other attributes.

Store Locator Plus® Enterprise

The highest level of service boosts the limits to 15,000 locations and 8,000 map views. It includes all of the features in the Enterprise and Advanced level. In addition you get deeper customization including full support for Google Maps JSON map styling.

The Google Maps JSON map styling allows you to change how the map itself looks. Simplify the color scheme for land, water, roads. Hide the Google-default paid-placement points of interest.

You also get territories support, schedule imports, cluster map markers and more.

Try The SLP Map Creator

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