Radiative Cooling and Solar Heating From One System – No Electricity Needed

Radiative Cooling and Solar Heating From One System – No Electricity Needed
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Quantum Particles, Magnetic Fields, and Migratory Birds


An interesting article on Science Alert about how cellular biology is influenced by magnetic fields. This can trigger cellular reactions that, in theory, can influence biological behavior. It is a theory in how living things, like migratory birds, can detect Earth’s magnetic fields and navigate using them.

Wind and solar power are saving Americans an astounding amount of money

From Vox via Apple News:

Wind and solar power are subsidized by just about every major country in the world, either directly or indirectly through tax breaks, mandates, and regulations.

The main rationale for these subsidies is that wind and solar produce, to use the economic term of art, “positive externalities” — benefits to society that are not captured in their market price. Specifically, wind and solar power reduce pollution, which reduces sickness, missed work days, and early deaths. Every wind farm or solar field displaces some other form of power generation (usually coal or natural gas) that would have polluted more.

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To join me in helping the environment by using solar powered lawn care, check out Earth Friendly Landscaping.

Gas Powered Lawn Care Pollution

Years ago I pulled into the local gas station and saw a pickup pulling a big solar-powered trailer behind it.    As a eco-geek I was interested.  I have been following the solar industry for years and despite not being able to justify a solar roof for my home I have had a keen interest in solar energy.    I had to learn more.

Turns out the company, Earth Friendly Landscaping, has a custom-built professional-grade lawn care equipment that is 100% electric.   They charge it up between stops using the solar array on the trailer that hauls the equipment.  Genius.     Even better was the cost was exactly the same as the company I had been using.


Earth Friendly’s Solar Powered Lawn Care

The added bonus, however, was the impact on the environment.   I knew gas mowers were not efficient but what I did not know at the time was how much pollution they spew into the air.  Even the newest gas-powered mowers are horrible and cannot compete with a pollution-free solar solution.   Law equipment is mostly unregulated and their pollution controls are virtually non-existent.  Until 1995 lawn equipment was unregulated.  Until 2012 they has some EPA regulations which helped but not enough.  Since 2012 the rules are stricter but it is still does not come close to the pollution restrictions for cars.   Lawn equipment is spewing tons of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and volatile organic compounds into the air every year.

Here are some facts-and-figures about gas powered equipment.  Earth Friendly Landscaping reduces the pollution to ZERO which has me wondering why you are still pushing a gas mower or hiring a “gas-powered” company.

Gas Lawn Equipment Facts & Figures

EPA estimates lawn care is responsible for 5% of air pollution in America.

54 Million Americans mow their lawns using 800 Millions gallons of gas.

A single gas mower emits as much pollution as 8 cars driving on the highway.

Americans spill over 17 million gallons of gas refueling lawn equipment.

ref: People Powered Machines

Gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment (GLGE) ranging from string trimmers to stump grinders and tractors is a source of high levels of localized emissions that includes hazardous air pollutants, criteria pollutants, and carbon dioxide (CO2).

ref: 2015 EPA Study

Those gas-powered leaf blowers, hedge trimmers and mowers you hear in your neighborhood aren’t just annoying — they make a lot of pollution, too.

In California, they’re about to pass cars as the worst air polluters, spewing out formaldehyde, benzene and particulate matter. According to Michael Benjamin at the California Air Resources Board, in just three years’ time, the biggest single ozone polluter in the state is going to be all this gardening equipment.

ref: NPR CA Emmissions For Lawn Care Article

The August 2017 Solar #Eclipse in #Charleston – #NASA Edition

If you live in Charleston you’ve probably heard all about this by now.  As one of the top vacation destinations in America, Charleston is one of the most popular destinations to view the August Eclipse.

You will see the total eclipse on August 21 , 2017 but just 90 seconds worth.  The closer you get to McClellanville to the Northeast the more time you get.  There it is a minute longer.

Here is NASA’s information about the Eclipse.  A cornucopia of geek goodness.


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