Tesla Model 3 Quality of Components Beats BMW

The Tesla Model 3 teardown shows the Model 3 is far ahead of the competition. “Military grade components” is not typical of a consumer car at any price.

It is one of the reasons I am comfortable with owning a six-figure vehicle from a small volume manufacturer. Initial indications are that my 5 year old P85 Performance will continue to have far fewer problems than any BMW I’ve owned. I won’t be surprised if it surpasses the ’93 Toyota MR2, the best quality car I ever owned, with regard to longevity of components.

As for the article citing a concern over profitability of the lower-end $35,000 Model 3 ; I think they’ll at least break even or turn a small profit on every unit. Tesla continues to scale powertrain component manufacturing including battery production. I’d not be surprised if we hear that Tesla has lowered the battery pack costs by 20% within 12 months making the $35k Model 3 profitability much easier to reach.

Read the article at Business Insider.

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