The death of #localhost and the rise of #cloud #development (#coding #digitalnomads)

The biggest problem with could-centric development is the 100% loss of productivity when the network is down. While not an issue for most corporate lemmings pulling their 9-5, it is a notable issue for today’s digital nomads. While corporate techies will not go away, remote workers with flexible lifestyles and the inconsistent connectivity that goes with it will continue to grow. More tech workers will be connecting from outside the office. They may, or may not, have network access.

When you don’t have access to the network you cannot connect to your cloud service. You cannot work. With locally virtualized systems on the other hand, you have everything you need. As long as you have power or your battery life is good you can be productive. Next time you get back to civilization, meaning anywhere with a network connection, you push your work out to the world.

Cloud computing is the current way to do things in software but NOT for daily development. Unless you like having a reason to not do anything for an afternoon while your ISP restores the network or while you wait for the plane to get back on the ground.

The death of localhost and the rise of cloud development

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