Streaming Services Have 99 Problems. And They Are…

Streaming Services Have 99 Problems. And They Are…


(1) Artists make little-to-nothing off of streaming services.

(7) Streaming services pay the labels, who typically pay nothing to the artists.

(13) Streaming services suck at proper accounting and payouts.

(18) Streaming services are actively hostile towards artists and their financial well-being.

(20) Streaming services lack transparency.

(23) Not enough people want to pay for streaming music services.

(28) There are too many streaming services competing for too few dollars.

(31) Very few streaming services (subscription or otherwise) actually make money.

(37) The streaming music micro-industry is probably a bubble.

(42) Streaming kills downloads, which make more money for artists.

(51) Given the myriad of problems associated with streaming services, superstar artists are signing massive, mega-million exclusives to major corporations (U2+Apple, Jay-Z+Samsung).

(52) Artists and copyright owners typically have little-to-no control over their content on YouTube, easily the largest streaming music platform.

(60) All of which translates into extremely low payouts from YouTube, little explanation into why these payouts are so low, and little-to-no control by rights owners over whether their music appears on the platform.

(62) Streaming services don’t contribute anything back to artists or the artist community.

(65) User abandonment on streaming services is extremely high.

(67) Internet radio pays almost nothing to artists, and little to publishers.

(78) SoundExchange is an inept company that routinely screws up artist royalties, screws up payouts, and hordes tons of unpaid royalties.

(88) When it comes to streaming services, indie labels generally get screwed.

(92) The DMCA is a ineffective loophole that greatly benefits companies like YouTube and Grooveshark, absolutely screws artists and rights owners, and desperately needs to be reformed.

(98) Most of the music on streaming platforms are never listened to.

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